Snapchat vs Instagram Stories

by Kevin Holesh

Instagram introduced Stories on August 2nd, 2016. Basically, it’s a Snapchat clone with Instagram’s network behind it.

Because of the way I use Snapchat and Instagram, I thought this would mark the end of Snapchat. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The Data

Chart showing Snapchat and Instagram’s usage from 7/26/16 to 8/15/16

Nothing has changed. Instagram Stories hasn’t affected Snapchat’s daily usage at all. The new feature hasn’t even affected how much Instagram gets used every day.

Snapchat is fine.

I noticed something interesting that confirms that social networks are a zero-sum game. Take a look at the past week: Every day Snapchat get used more, Instagram takes a dip. Every day Instagram is used more, Snapchat takes a dip. The swing is never more than 5 minutes either way, but it’s a big difference when you’re talking about thousands of data points from Moment’s app tracking.

Huge Overlap Between Snapchat and Instagram

Venn diagram showing the overlap between Snapchat users and Instagram users

Snapchat has a huge overlap with Instagram users. 80.4% of Snapchat users also use Instagram. No wonder they affect each other so much.