I Want to Use My Phone a Little Bit Less

by Kevin Holesh

I want to make one thing clear. Moment isn't about saying your iPhone is evil, and that you should completely stop using it and go live in the woods. It's not about determining whether you're "addicted" to your phone or not.

My iPhone is amazing. It allows me to keep in touch with my friends, check a restaurant's reviews, or find my way to that restaurant. I can instantly check to see if I got a reply to an important email or post a witty tweet from the bathroom at Wendy's. I make my living making apps for the iPhone. Now that I have one, I can't imagine living my life without my iPhone.

But that doesn't mean my relationship with my iPhone is perfect. Too often, I fall into the trap of staring at the glowing 4.7 inch screen in my hands. I built Moment for myself first.

Yin and Yang

Moment is about finding balance in your life. Connected versus disconnected. On versus off. The real world versus the digital world.

Moment is a tool to help you use your phone a little bit less. I've answered thousands of emails from people using Moment, and not a single person has actually wanted to increase the time they spend on their phone each day. It's always about going the other way, towards spending more time engaged in the world around them instead of getting sucked into their phone screen.

It's exhilarating to be always connected, to know that the extent of human knowledge is a simple Google search away. But the fear of missing out on something if you don't check Instagram right now is exhausting. You should have connected time and you should also be conscious of how much you're using your phone during times where you should be disconnected, like after your kids are home from school and they're begging you to go outside and play tag. Your email can wait.