Exciting Changes

by Kevin Holesh

For a long time, Moment has been a personal passion project. I created the app because I was concerned about my own relationship with my phone, and I’ve only become more certain that other people are struggling in the same way I once was.

It’s amazing how far we’ve come. Over 7 million people have downloaded Moment all over the world, and people who use the Moment Coach are getting back an hour each day by reducing their phone usage. That all adds up to a whopping 49 years of time we’re giving people back every single day! That’s time people are using to be with friends and family, get some exercise, learn a new language and just be in the moment.

I’m excited to let you know that Moment is finally growing beyond its team of one. Earlier this year, I met Tim Kendall, an experienced tech leader who’s also passionate about reducing device addiction. Tim is now the CEO of Moment and we will be working together to improve the app and bring it to even more people around the world. I’m as committed to this cause as ever, and will be staying on and partnering with Tim to build some great new features, many of which you’ve asked for over the years. (P.S. We’re hiring so would love for you to join us!)

Tim and I both believe that time is our most precious asset. We can’t wait to help even more people get time back to spend with friends and family, explore passions, and live in the moment.