Moment on Your Apple watch

by Kevin Holesh

Showing a quick overview of how much time you've spent on your phone today

Moment for the Apple Watch is an extremely simple way to see how much time you've spent on your phone today without, you guessed it, picking up your phone. Install the watch app to see a quick one-screen glance at your stats, including how many times you've picked up your phone.

With Moment Family

Glance on your Apple Watch with a quick view of your family and your stats for today

Moment for Apple Watch really shines when you're using Moment Family. You can instantly see how you and the rest of your family are doing today. You can see who has gone over their daily limit and who is getting close.

Choose to steal a quick glance or you can open the watch app to break down each family member.

Each family member will get an icon that matches who they are in real life. You'll see yourself as the adult mother or father. If you have a son named Jack, his icon will be a small boy. The icon will change color based on how much time Jack has spent on his iPhone today. Green means he's well below his daily limit. Yellow means he's getting close to his limit, and red means he's gone over. In this case, Jack is red because he's well over his daily limit. Tisk tisk!

I hope Moment on the Apple Watch app is a time saver for you. There's nothing more counter productive than picking up your phone to see how many times you've picked up your phone today.