About Us

For the past six years, Moment has been focused on using technology to improve people’s health.

The original Moment app was created by Kevin Holesh, a software developer and designer, after he realized how much his phone addiction was impacting his real-world relationships. He built the app as a newlywed to see how much time he and his wife were spending on their phones, and then discovered that others were hungry for the same thing.

Since then, the Moment app has been downloaded over 8 million times by people all over the world. With its easy-to-understand screen time tracking and free daily coaching, it’s helped people reclaim their time. And with that time, people have been able to get back to what really matters -- meaningful experiences with friends and family.

In 2018, Tim Kendall acquired Moment and moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley. Tim had spent years helming product teams at Facebook and Pinterest, building a deep understanding of what drives user engagement. But he’d personally fallen prey to the addictive qualities of his phone and found himself trying to reconcile his professional life with his emerging concerns over the impact of technology on people’s lives.

Today, almost half of global smartphone users spend more than five hours a day on their phones, and a majority of adults feel like the way they use their device is unhealthy. As scientists share alarming stats about the impact of smartphones on our attention spans, memory, mental health and relationships with loved ones, the tech industry is just beginning to awaken to the magnitude of this epidemic. Since 2018, Moment has grown its team to build and invest in tech which truly improves people’s physical, mental and social health.

Today, the team is adding new features to the original Moment app and is also building new concepts focused on improving social health.

Moment also invests in other people building companies which align their objectives with their customers’ health and wellness.