Screenshot of what Moment looks like on your iPhone

Less phone. More real life.

In so many ways, your phone makes your life better and easier. It connects you with people you love, helps you work on the go, and even orders dinner. But more and more, your phone works against you. It pulls you away from your family, friends and even yourself. Simply put, your phone steals your time.

Moment gives you back that time. Through short, daily exercises provided through Moment Coach, we help you use your phone in a healthy way so that you can be present for the parts of life that matter most.

And it works. So far, Moment has given time back to over 7 million users. Those who subscribe to Moment Coach gain an hour back each day by following simple strategies designed to help them reimagine their relationship with their phone. So what does this mean for you? Take the first step in learning how to put down your phone and get back to real life — join us!