Automatically tracking your iPhone use

Auto-tracking will track your phone use when Moment is in the background

Moment has two modes for tracking your phone use.

Manual mode

The first one is manual mode. Moment is in manual mode when you open the app for the first time. Manual mode means you have to open the app and flip the “Manual tracking is off” switch to start counting how long you’re on your phone. The text will change to a pulsing “I’m on my iPhone,” which means your phone use is being counted. When you’re done with your phone, open Moment again to turn off this switch to stop counting your phone use. You’ll need to remember to open Moment when you start and stop your time on your phone when you're in this mode.

You are in manual mode if there is a “Track Phone Use Manually On” row in Moment’s settings. Turning on auto-tracking will disable manual tracking mode.

Auto-tracking mode

The second mode is auto-tracking mode. In this mode, Moment becomes truly invisible. It just tracks your iPhone as you go through your day, like magic. You set it up once and you won’t have to open Moment again, unless the auto-tracking shuts off for some reason.

Here is how to turn on auto-tracking mode:

  1. Open Moment and go to the main screen.

  2. Go into Moment’s settings by tapping on the gear icon in the top right.

  3. Turn the switch for “Track Places I Go” on.

  4. Grant permission for Moment to use your location.

  5. Turn the switch for “Auto-Track Phone Use” on.

  6. Boom goes the dynamite! Auto-tracking is now on.

Animation of how to turn on auto-tracking

You can tell auto-tracking is working on Moment’s main screen. You’ll see text in the top left corner that says “Auto-tracking” and it will be pulsing. That means auto-tracking is working properly.

After you have auto-tracking turn on, you can press the home button and go about your regular business. Your phone use will be tracked automatically! If you have your daily limit set up, you’ll start getting occasional reminders of your phone use.

Moment needs to track the places you go in order to auto-track your phone use. Using GPS will impact your battery life, but I’ve worked hard to minimize that impact. I went from about 30 hours of battery life to 24 hours using Moment. An impact for sure, and something I’ll always be working to improve, but your phone should last all day. That was my goal.

Moment still isn’t working. My “Tracking has been paused.”

If you’re still have issues getting the automatic tracking to work, please check out the top answers on Moment’s FAQ page.

Need more help?

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